Welcome to the HOT NORTH northern Australia professional health networks page. We have established a number of professional networks aimed at helping health professionals build and develop a healthy northern Australia.

1. HOT NORTH Scabies Mass Drug Adminstration (MDA) Forum

Scabies MDA Forum
The aim of this forum is to create a shared understanding amongst Northern Territory communities and services of how to achieve Scabies Free Zones at household, community and regional levels.

The forum is for local health services, communities and other organisations to share experiences of creating Scabies Free Zones through Healthy Skin days/weeks where whole of community scabies treatments are conducted on one day.



2. WITH Network

Women in Tropical Health Logo

We aim to establish and further develop career relationships for women working in tropical health.

We are women working in tropical health in a variety of disciplines and expertise. Many of the women in this group have significantly invested in their career and are looking to progress to leadership roles or to be paired up to learn from the more senior colleagues.