We aim to establish and further develop career relationships for women working in tropical health through networking and professional development opportunities.

We are a network of women working in tropical health in a variety of disciplines and expertise. Many of the women in this group have significantly invested in their career and are looking to progress to leadership roles or to be paired up to learn from the more senior colleagues.

What we offer

The Women in Tropical Health Network has partnered with Menzies School of Health Research to offer an exciting new personal and professional development initiative, The Women in Tropical Health CATALYSE Program.

If you are interested in learning more about the WITH Network, please contact us at Teresa.Wozniak@menzies.edu.au

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Upcoming Events

Breakfast Club
Time: 08:30 – 09:30 Darwin Time
Place: Menzies School of Health Research – John Mathews Building (Royal Darwin Hospital campus) – Seminar room
Guest Speaker: TBA




1. The power of a good mentor

2. Annabell Crabbs: The Wife drought

This is a very accessible read about how the economy and work is based largely around the idea that people have ‘wives’ to help at home, and how not having a ‘wife’ is a problem in the work force.

3. Anne Summers – The Misogyny Factor

Also very accessible.  Talks about how its not just about family commitments that are a problem, but misogyny.  You’ll find a speech of hers in the link, which is a good starter.

4. Rebecca Solnit – Men Explain Things to Me

This is a series of essays which was collected after her essay ‘Men Explain things to me’ (linked below) went viral multiple times over.  The essay collection contains other topics on culture and hope which is a good read – but not as accessible (some of the essays are quiet hard depending on your background)

5. Reni Eddo-Lodge:  Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race

Reni Edoo-Lodge is a journalist so the book is super easy to read. Its mainly about race rather than feminism but these issues have important intersections. Its based on UK experiences but the concepts are relevant anywhere.

6. Audre Lorde: Sister Outsider – Essays and Speeches

7. How the entire scientific community can confront gender bias in the workplace