Translation project funding is available to researchers who wish to translate research findings into health outcomes that address the aims of HOT NORTH. In order to do this, the program offers competitive funding twice a year for projects focused on one or more of the five key research themes. Translation project applications will be competitively assessed for quality, innovation and potential impact on health outcomes in Northern Australia. Translation projects will fund activities that translate research outcomes into policy and practice that improve health outcomes for the population of Northern Australia. Collaborative projects are very welcome, but all projects must include a HOT NORTH Chief Investigator or Associate Investigator and funds will be administered by the institution of the named HOT NORTH CI or AI.

HOT NORTH research themes include

  • skin health
  • respiratory health
  • chronic diseases
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • vector borne and emerging infectious diseases

Key dates

Applications for Translation Projects are closed for 2020. But please feel free to contact us to discuss your Translation ideas, we may be able to assist.

See past and present HOT NORTH pilot projects.