Molecular detection of scabies by PCR using a next generation sequencing (NGS) approach

New DNA test for Scabies

Diagnosis of scabies mostly relies on clinical symptoms as mites are extremely difficult to find in skin lesions of ordinary scabies (<20) which leads to under/misdiagnosis. This pilot project will address a long wanted need to develop a rapid diagnostic test for scabies. It is anticipated that this new DNA test will be highly sensitive and specific and will outperform standard microscopy. This will provide a powerful tool in scabies diagnosis particularly useful in clinical trials and epidemiologic studies.

This “Across the North” pilot project will bring together collaborative efforts of James Cook University (Bioinformatics), QIMR Berghofer (diagnostic PCR assay development) and WEHI (Genomics) to deliver a next generation diagnostic test for scabies cases admitted at Royal Darwin Hospital, NT through Menzies and for Aboriginal communities suffering from scabies in the Kimberley, WA through the SToP Healthy Skin Programme.


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