Applications now open for Pilot and Translation projects

Pilot and Translation Projects

We are pleased to announce that Round 6 for HOT NORTH project funding is now open. Please note that in Round 6 we are again calling for either Research Pilot or Research Translation projects.

We would be grateful if you could circulate the attached Pilot and Translation Project Application form and Terms & Conditions to your networks. Information on HOT NORTH and application forms are also available at:

HOT NORTH offers competitive research funding of up to $36,500 for projects focused on Northern Australia and the region and aligned with the five HOT NORTH research themes: skin health, respiratory health, antimicrobial resistance, chronic diseases, and vector borne and emerging diseases.

  • Pilot projects will provide preliminary data which will be evaluated for potential future funding, scale up and knowledge advancement in one of the five research themes.
  • Translation projects will fund activities that translate research findings from one or more of the five research themes into policy and practice that improve health outcomes for the population of Northern Australia.

Applicants should note that:

  • A HOT NORTH Chief Investigator or Associate Investigator must be an investigator on the project and funds will be administered by the institution of the named HOT NORTH CI or AI.
  • Projects must focus on one or several of the HOT NORTH research themes, and must identify one theme as the primary focus.
  • Applicants must discuss the planned project with, and obtain approval from, one or more of the relevant Theme Leaders before submission.

Award of grant funding will be based on four levels of selection:

  1. Quality of the proposal.
  2. Alignment with the aims of HOT NORTH.
  3. Performance of the named researchers and CIs with previous HOT NORTH funding.
  4. Equity of distribution between the five HOT NORTH research themes: at any time, no more than 25% of the total project program will be conducted outside of Australia and no more than 25% in any one theme.

There are no limits to the number of applications allowed to be submitted to any one theme, however the Theme Leaders will select a maximum of three applications from each theme to proceed to the selection panel.

Please note that all submissions are to be sent to by 5th April 2019.