Improving the management and clinical outcomes of chronic suppurative lung disease in Aboriginal children in Western Australia

Quality: The project encompasses the research theme of respiratory health in the HOT NORTH. Reductions in chronic suppurative lung disease (CSLD) in Aboriginal children, is a health priority and part of the closing the gap agenda. The team brings collective expertise and specialized skills in respiratory health with strong track records working in Aboriginal communities, extensive local, national and international collaborative networks.

Innovation: This study would be the first in WA to reduce Aboriginal respiratory morbidity through culturally sensitive methods to develop health promotion and medical literacy programs. The proposed research will create transformational change in the lung health of WA Aboriginal children by enabling earlier detection and treatment of CSLD in children.

Potential Impact: Earlier detection of CC will lead to earlier diagnosis of CSLD. Confirmed numbers of Aboriginal children with CSLD in WA are currently only 8- 10% of the predicted numbers of CSLD in Aboriginal children based on research findings outlined below. The gap suggests children are not receiving timely treatment that leads to disease progression and poorer health outcomes and disease burden.


  • Pamela D'Sylva

  • Professor Anne Chang

  • Telethon Kids Institute

  • 2017 - 2019

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