Cellulitis Outpatient Intravenous Antibiotic Study in the Torres (COAST)

Improving the care of skin infections in the Torres Straits

This research is studying skin infections (which doctors call cellulitis) in the Torres Straits. Patients with cellulitis usually have inflamed skin that is red, hot, painful and swollen. Sometimes patients are often more unwell with high fevers and low blood pressure. Doctors treat patients with cellulitis with antibiotics.

In the Torres Straits, cellulitis is a major problem. People with cellulitis on outer islands are frequently transported by helicopter to Thursday Island Hospital for treatment. However, in other parts of Australia, nurses treating patients with cellulitis in their homes with intravenous antibiotics has been found to be safe and as effective. This study aims to find out if Torres Strait people with cellulitis can be treated in this way, instead of having to be admitted to hospital.

We expect that the results of this study will show that treating cellulitis in the community is safe. This will show that patients don’t need to be transferred to a hospital, away from their family and friends. Not only will most patients prefer this, but it also saves money which is then available to treat other important health conditions in the Torres Straits.

Leveraged funds: Emergency Medicine Foundation Jumpstart Project Grant $35,329 http://emergencyfoundation.org.au/projects/improving-the-care-of-skin-infections-in-the-torres-straits/

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