Baseline data collection for the SToP trial

See, Treat, Prevent Skin Sores and Scabies

This project contributes to the field of skin health by measuring the point prevalence and severity of impetigo and scabies in children in five Kimberley communities. Prevalence rates have not been systematically measured in these communities before, and this an important first step
towards addressing skin disease rates, which are anecdotally known to be high.

It contributes to the field of antimicrobial resistance by measuring cotrimoxazole resistance in circulating S. aureus and GAS strains in five Kimberley communities, baseline information which will then be used to study resistance patterns over the following years as the See Treat Prevent Skin Sores trial is implemented and cotrimoxazole is widely used in these communities.

The project also relates to the field of chronic disease, because superficial streptococcal and staphylococcal infections lead to a range of sequelae including chronic kidney and heart disease. This study may identify opportunities for intervention in these burdensome diseases.

  • Lucy Davidson

  • Dr Asha Bowen

  • Telethon Kids Institute

  • 2018

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