HOT NORTH researcher featured in newest edition of Origins

HOT NORTH researcher and Women in Tropical Health Network cofounder, Dr Teresa Wozniak has been featured in the latest edition of Origins magazine.

Excerpt from article found in Origins,2019 Edition Two 

From her work at Menzies School of Health Research tracking down antibiotic-resistant organism hotspots, to empowering women in science and medicine, Teresa Wozniak is a powerhouse in perpetual motion.

Dr Edward De Bono has never met Dr Teresa Wozniak, but one suspects he would like her very much. The acclaimed physician, psychologist and philosopher who coined the term “lateral thinking”, and who rose to fame as the author of a book about hats would, no doubt, be rapt by the copious collection of “thinking hats” Dr Wozniak has at her disposal.

What she would make of de Bono, however, is anyone’s guess.

Dr Wozniak is an epidemiologist and Research Fellow at Menzies School of Health Research, a 2019 Science and Technology Australia “Superstar of STEM”, founder of the Women in Tropical Health Network, a mother and mountain-biker.

“The main thrust of my research at Menzies is to establish a cross-jurisdictional disease surveillance system focusing on key drug-resistant infections – often referred to as ‘superbugs’ – across Northern Australia,” Dr Wozniak said.

“Although there has been a good deal of publicity about superbugs in recent times – and for good reason because people are dying – it’s not widely known outside the academic circles that superbug genes have been found in some of the most remote places on Earth, such as isolated caves and ancient permafrost where there is little or no human habitation.

“This conforms with Darwinian theory about how all organisms adapt and evolve to survive in their environments …even if their survival is aided by curtailing ours.”

Dr Wozniak said problems arose in healthcare settings such as hospitals where there were, naturally, larger collections of disease-causing pathogens and where the efficacy of antibiotics was diminishing as superbugs continued to develop resistance.