A Series of Community-Driven Research Capacity-Strengthening Workshops in the Torres Strait


February 21 -22: Asking the right questions (Completed)
May 16 – 17: Ways to address the questions in an ethical and cultural context (Completed)
August 15 – 16: Collecting and handling the information (Completed)
November 14 – 15: What to do with the results
2020: Events are planned for March, June and September. More details to follow.


At the Hot North Conference on Thursday Island in July 2018 many participants expressed the view that it was time for a local research capacity-building program for Torres Strait and NPA researchers, and people interested in research. This message was amplified at the opening of the Thursday Island Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Research (AITHM) building in November when there was an accompanying afternoon workshop “Approaching a Community-Driven Research Agenda”. This initiative is the response. It has the support of the Torres Strait Health Sciences Research Subcommittee, the AITHM and Queensland Health.

Community-Driven Research Capacity-Building 2019 aims to promote community-driven and community-owned research through local capacity-strengthening. The intention is to foster home-grown research skills; as such, the workshops aim to have each participant achieve a research output by the end of the year. It was a surprise when so many people expressed an interest to participate; three times the expected number. As such, the initiative is likely to contribute to formation of a local nucleus of increasingly adept researchers. This is a long-term investment in the research capability of the region and health of the people. We’re careful not to call this a project; projects come to an end. This is a beginning.

The workshops will avoid didactic teaching and opt for a learn-by-doing, adopting a small working-group approach. Between workshops, Malcolm McDonald, Luisa Roeder [Research Support Officer] and the Workshop Consultative Group will be available by email/ SMS to provide support for researchers developing proposals and other related activities.

Quality assessment: There will be built-in feedback from participants, with an anonymous survey at the end of each workshop. The Workshop Consultative Group will also keep a close eye on progress and intervene to change direction as required.

  • 16 May 2019
    31 Dec 2019
  • Please contact us for more details
  • 84 Victoria Parade
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